Director´s statement

The Capek brothers' play "The Insect Play " is a misanthropic play. My screenplay only extends this misanthropy, as man is more like an insect and this civilization is more like an anthill. One should also remember the message behind Kafka's "The Metamorphosis".

Jan Svankmajer

Synopsis in 3 sentences

In a small town, a troupe of actors rehearse a play by the Brother Capek, "The Life Of Insects". During the rehearsal, the personal lives of the actors blend with the destiny of the play's characters.

Jan Svankmajer

Screenplay, Director, Designer: Jan Svankmajer

Producer: Athanor, Film Production Company, Ltd, Jaromir Kallista &Jan Svankmajer

Co-producer: PubRes Ltd. – Zuzana Mistrikova, Lubica Orechovska, Ceska Televize,

Director of photography: Jan Ruzicka, Adam Ol'ha

Costume designer: Veronika Hruba

Animation: Martin Kublak, Ondrej Fleislebr, Bedrich Glaser

Sound: Ivo Spalj

Editing: Jan Danhel

Main roles - Starring: Director - Jaromir Dulava,
Ruzena - Kamila Magalova,
Jituska - Ivana Uhlirova
Vaclav - Jan Budar,
Borovicka – Jiri Labus
Kopriva – Norbert Lichy Dosser – Pavel Novy