ATHANOR – Film production company, Ltd.
was founded with an idea of producing independent and non-commercial works. Since 1992 ATHANOR has produced or co-produced especially Jan Švankmajer`s films and exhibitions, but the company is also open to other filmmakers. The company`s studios are located in Knovíz (a village 25 km northwest of Prague). The studios have their own technical equipment, ensuring that they are self-sufficient except for laboratories and film sound system. This is one of factors which guarantees its independence.



2010 SURVIVING LIFE (directed by Jan Švankmajer)
2005 LUNACY (directed by Jan Švankmajer)
2000 OTESÁNEK (directed by Jan Švankmajer)
1996 CONSPIRATORS OF PLEASURE (directed by Jan Švankmajer)
1994 FAUST (directed by Jan Švankmajer)
1992 FOOD (directed by Jan Švankmajer)
1990 THE DEATH OF STALINISM IN BOHEMIA (directed by Jan Švankmajer)
1987 ALICE (directed by Jan Švankmajer)